Radiometric Temperature Measurements II


Zhuomin Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Benjamin K. Tsai, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Graham Machin, National Physical Laboratory

Academic Press (an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.), 2009



List of Contributors

Chapter 1. Industrial Applications of Radiation Thermometry

Hollandt, J. Hartmann, O. Struß, and R. Gärtner

Chapter 2. Experimental Characterization of Blackbody Radiation Sources

S.N. Mekhontsev, A.V. Prokhorov, and L.M. Hanssen

Chapter 3. Radiation Thermometry for Semiconductor Industry

Adams, C. Schietinger, and K.G. Kreider

Chapter 4. Thermometry in Steel Production

Iuchi, Y. Yamada, M. Sugiura, and A. Torao

Chapter 5. Thermal Imaging in Firefighting and Thermography Applications

Amon and C. Pearson

Chapter 6. Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Surface Temperature

P.J. Minnett and I. Barton

Chapter 7. Infrared and Microwave Medical Thermometry

E.F.J. Ring, J. Hartmann, K. Ammer, R. Thomas, D. Land, and J.W. Hand

Appendix A. Fundamental and Other Physical Constants Index