Radiometric Temperature Measurements I


Zhuomin Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Benjamin K. Tsai, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Graham Machin, National Physical Laboratory

Academic Press (an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.), 2009



List of Contributors


Chapter 1. Overview of Radiation Thermometry

Z.M. Zhang and G. Machin

Chapter 2. Temperature Fundamentals

Machin and B.K. Tsai

Chapter 3. Theory of Thermal Radiation and Radiative Properties

Z.M. Zhang and B.J. Lee

Chapter 4. Radiation Thermometer Designs

H.W. Yoon and G.P. Eppeldauer

Chapter 5. Calculation of Radiation Characteristics of Blackbody Radiation Sources

A.V. Prokhorov, L.M. Hanssen, and S.N. Mekhontsev

Chapter 6. Blackbody and Other Calibration Sources

Hartmann, J. Hollandt, B. Khlevnoy, S. Morozova, S. Ogarev, and F. Sakuma

Chapter 7. Laser Optical and Photothermal Thermometry of Solids and Thin Films

Liu and A. Mandelis

Appendix A. Fundamental and Other Physical Constants Index