Former Students

Ph.D. Degree

Qunzhi Zhu

Professor at Shanghai University of Electric Power

Ceji Fu

Ceji Fu

Associate Professor at Peking University Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science

Hyunjin Lee

Hyunjin Lee

Associate Professor at Kookmin University

Keunhan Park

Keunhan Park

Associate Professor at the University of Utah

Yu-bin Chen

Yu-bin Chen

Professor at National Tsing Hua University

Bong Jae Lee

Bong Jae Lee

Associate Professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Soumyadipta Basu

Soumyadipta Basu

Packaging Technologist AR/VR at Facebook

Xiaojia Wang

Xiaojia Wang

Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

Liping Wang

Liping Wang

Associate Professor at Arizona State University

Andrew NcNamara

Member of Technical Staff at AMD

Trevor J. Bright

Thermal Analyst at the Aerospace Corporation

Richard Z. Zhang

Richard Z. Zhang

Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas

Jesse I. Watjen

Xianglei Liu

Xianglei Liu

Professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Bo Zhao

Bo Zhao

Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Stanford University

Peiyan Yang

Peiyan Yang

Hardware Sensing Engineer at Apple

Eric J. Tervo

Eric J. Tervo

Postdoctoral Fellow at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

A. Ravi Kumar

Graduated Dec. 1999

Thesis Title: Far-Infrared Radiative Properties of YBa2Cu3O7– Films on Si Substrates

Donghai Chen

Graduated May 2001

Thesis Title: Thermal Modeling and Analysis of 193 nm Pulsed Excimer Laser Calorimeters

Yihui Zhou

Graduated May 2002

Thesis Title: Radiative Modeling in Rapid Thermal Processing for Accurate Wafer Temperature Measurement

Yu-Jiun Shen

Graduated Dec. 2002

Thesis Title: Investigation of Bidirectional Reflectance and Transmittance of Rough Silicon Wafers

M.S. Degree

Brian C. Johnson

Graduated in December 1997
Thesis Title: Heat Transfer Analysis and Modeling of a Cryogenic Laser Radiometer

Dave Pearson

Graduated in August 1998
Thesis Title: Thermal Analysis and Modeling for Future Development of Cryogenic Radiometers

C. Alan Canfield

Graduated in May 1999
Thesis Title: Effects of Diesel–Water Emulsion Combustion on Diesel Engine NOx Emissions

Ferdinand Rosa

Graduated in May 1999
Thesis Title: Modeling the Radiation Environment in the Lower Chamber of Rapid Thermal Processing Furnaces

Yu-Jiun Shen

Graduated in May 1999
Thesis Title: Thermal Modeling and Analysis of Absolute Radiometers Designed for Solar Irradiance Measurements

Jorge L. Garcia

Graduated in May 2002
Thesis Title: Radiative Property Measurements for Rapid Thermal Processing

Linxia Gu

Graduated in August 2002
Thesis Title: Thermal and Stress Analysis During Rapid Thermal Processing

Vinh Khuu

Graduated in May 2004
Thesis Title: Spectral Radiative Properties of Thin Films with Rough Surfaces Studied with Fourier-Transform Spectrometry

Qinghe Li

Graduated in May 2008
Thesis Title: Light Scattering of Semitransparent Media

Trevor J. Bright

Graduated in August 2009
Thesis Title: Non-Fourier Equations in Solids Analyzed from Phonon Statistics
Continued for Ph.D. study at Georgia Tech

Ahmad Haider

Graduated in August 2011
Thesis Title: Application of Rigorous Coupled-Wave Theory for Studying Radiative Properties of Micro/Nanostructures and Silver Nanorods on Gratings

B.S. Degree

Kristopher Stryker

Highest Honors Thesis, Spring 1997

Phillip Behling

Independent Study, Spring 1998

Adam J. Suydam

Highest Honors Project, Spring 1999

James Miller

Higher Honors Thesis, Summer 2001

Sunny Sin

Highest Honors Thesis, Summer 2001 and Fall 2001

Amanda Bryson

Fall 2005-Fall 2006

Shawn Shields

Spring 2007

Orion Andrew King

Spring 2007

Justin Chow

Fall 2008

Chuyang Chen

Summer 2016

Matthew T. Mandel

Spring 2017

Priyank B. Acharya

Spring 2017

Yiyang Zhou

Fall 2017

Samuel R. Caballero

Spring 2019

Jesus Rodrigo Garcia Kawas

Spring 2019 – Spring 2020

Matthew Burg

Spring 2021

Kevin Pan

Spring 2022

Lauren Tapp

Spring 2022

Varisa Gumpangkum

Spring 2022

Visiting Scholars

Yue Liu


Hong Ye

Professor at University of Science and Technology of China

Visited from 2011-2012

Yong Shuai

Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology

Atsushi Sakurai

2013-2014, Niigata University

Junming Zhao

Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology

Visited from 2013-2014

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Qiang Cheng

Professor at Huazhong University of Science of Technology

Visited from 2014-2015

Visiting Ph.D. Students

Han Wang

2011-2012, Harbin Institute of Technology
Currently at Nanjing Tech University

Zhaolong Wang

2016-2017, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Currently at Hunan University

Xiaohu Wu

Associate researcher at Shandong Institute of Advanced Technology

2017-2018, Peking University

Link to Personal Page

Shiquan Shan

2018-2019, Zhejiang University